Sunday, September 2, 2007

back to black

I'm just mad about Amy Winehouse. Crazy for her. I think she's the most delicious vocalist to appear in the last 30 years. An amazing blend of Dinah Washington, Shirley Bassey, Ronnie Spector and just a bit of Elvira. Addicted to almost everything, perhaps that is what gives her sound that Valley of the Dolls edge. A troubled sparrow, please pray that she pulls herself through.

Here is Back to Black, a virtually perfect perfect perfect song in every way. I've noticed that she's absolutely nailed me with this one. This is where I've been living since December. Take a listen.....


BigAssBelle said...

well thank you. she is fabulous indeed. i'm going to have to get some tunes. actually have heard of her, never heard her. love her.

Tank said...

I'd read the trash about Winehouse but it'd eclipsed the music, which I hadn't heard until I stumbled upon the World o' Jeff. This girl is Nina Simone / Billie Holiday reincarnated, complete with addictions. Spellbinding.
More power to her - may she beat her demons.