Thursday, April 30, 2009

virginia foxx: unfit to serve

In an otherwise triuphant day, when the House passed the Matthew Shepard Act, there were a few dark moments, Republicans railing against the LGBT community and reading from their Bibles (possibly for the first time).

The most despicable comment came from North Carolina Fifth District Republican Virginia Fox, who attempted to deny that the brutal premeditated murder of Matthew Chepard was a hate crime. Listen to her vile blabbering:

Those of us who paid attention to the trial know that the garbage she is spewing is untrue, Matthew was targeted as a gay man, he was robbed, he was beaten, his skull was smashed with over 50 blows from a pistol, and he was tied to a fence and left to die BECAUSE HE WAS GAY.

And she made this untruthful, callous and disrespectful claim with Matthew's mother less than 50 feet away.

Representative Foxx, you are unfit to serve the United States Congress. You are unworthy to represent the citizens of the United States. If you have the slightest shred of humanity about you, you will resign and you will apologize to Judy Shepard, in that order. Common decency demands no less.

If you would like to reach Rep. Foxx, you may do so at the following:

1230 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2071... Read More
Fax: (202) 225-2995

6000 Meadowbrook Mall, Suite 3
Clemmons, NC 27012
Phone: (336) 778-0211
Fax: (336) 778-2290

240 Hwy 105 Extension, Suite 200
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: (828) 265-0240
Fax: (828) 265-0390

Please contact her office and let her know what you think of her "testimony".

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sunday drive: mar vista modernique

In the fall of 2000, I was quoted in the New York Times for saying "If Modernism were a missile. Pamorama City is the place where it crashed into the Earth". No stranger to pronouncements, allow me to make one more- Mar Vista is where Heaven meets Earth.

I'm referring specificially to the 1947 Gregory Ain "Modernique" tract in Mar Vista- a tiny enclave of fifty-two homes, each approximately 1,000 square feel and totally mid-century modern in design, with windows everywhere, open plan kitchens, and even folding walls to allow rooms to be redivided as a family's needs change.

Ain used this tract to express his vision of what a residential community should be like. The homes were rendered in carefully chosen palattes of color and even landscaped by noted landscape architect Garrett Eckbo, who chose melaleucas, magnolia, Chinese elms and ficus as his primary choices. Fruit trees of alternating variety were planted in each yard. The landscape gives the tract a unified character and ties each home to its neighbor. It creates the impression of living in a park.

And as my recent photos will testify, somehow this entire neighborhood has survived virtually untouched. Forty nine of the fifty two homes are still substantially preserved, along with much of the original landscaping. It's almost miraculous, how it feels strolling the intact streets past each little polished jewel box. A magical place not to be missed.

You may read more about the tract here

And about the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone protecting the homes here

But now it's time to let the neighborhood speak for itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's heaven on earth- the Moderniques of Mar Vista:

In the fall of 2000, I was quoted in the New York Times for saying "If Modernism were a missile. Pamorama City is the place where it crashed into the Earth".

Saturday, April 25, 2009

and then there's maude

Tragically sad news today with the passing of Bea Arthur, of cancer, at age eighty six.

Iconic to the hilt. She originated Vera Charles in Mame, for Chrissakes. Reprised it in the otherwise forgettable film version, and then went on to be Maude. AND Dorothy. How many gay icons can one woman play? And how dare she leave us all behind- what are we supposed to do now?

I knew her best as Maude. That uncompromising enterprising anything but tranquilizing Right-On Maude. In one of the episodes I remember most clearly, Maude and Vivian attend the funeral of a mutual acquaintance and discover Vivian's Missing Family Heirloom Brooch. Go ahead and watch. Bea would love it:

And then Vivian discovers whose heirloom it was:

Rest well, Bea. We love you lots and lots.

Monday, April 20, 2009

best one yet

I've avoided the NOM "Gathering Storm" controversy thus far, but today I have to wade in.

You're no doubt familiar with the new ad from the national organization for marriage, which is in reality just another shill for the mormon church (lack of capitalization not accidental). You've probably heard of the ad, which was designed to instill panic but instead becoming the most parodied advertisement of all time. I've seen several good responses but this one is awesome. From a troup of amateur comedians posting their first effort:

Oh, and Up Yours, Maggie Gallagher.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

facebook manners and you

From Billy Green, here is an awesome parody of those Mental Hygiene films we all used to enjoy so much. Not quite Boys Beware, but awesome and timely advise on how to properly use the Electric Friendship Generator.

"Now Timmy is in the slammer and Alice is ashamed"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

important message

We interrupt our original programming to bring you an important message from Cheezburger:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

sunday drive: on pico

Technically it's been over a year, but since our first Sunday Drive was last Easter, I think today should mark the Anniversary.

It's a flawless spring day in Santa Monica, and so my thoughts naturally turn to vintage signs. Neon, of course, but also backlit translucent plastic, especially the vacuum formed shapes that were so the rage in the sixties.

Our destination today is Pico Boulevard, Named for Pio Pico, the last Mexican Governor of California. Technically Pico would be 13th Boulevard, and runs just south of Olympic from the Ocean all the to the fashion District downtown. We're driving the Santa Monica and West Los Angeles sections, looking for icons that are hiding in plain sight.

Can you think of a better way to spend an Easter Sunday?

More Photos Here