Sunday, April 12, 2009

sunday drive: on pico

Technically it's been over a year, but since our first Sunday Drive was last Easter, I think today should mark the Anniversary.

It's a flawless spring day in Santa Monica, and so my thoughts naturally turn to vintage signs. Neon, of course, but also backlit translucent plastic, especially the vacuum formed shapes that were so the rage in the sixties.

Our destination today is Pico Boulevard, Named for Pio Pico, the last Mexican Governor of California. Technically Pico would be 13th Boulevard, and runs just south of Olympic from the Ocean all the to the fashion District downtown. We're driving the Santa Monica and West Los Angeles sections, looking for icons that are hiding in plain sight.

Can you think of a better way to spend an Easter Sunday?

More Photos Here


Texaco said...

I used to live around the corner from Rae's and spent way too many Sunday mornings nursing a hangover with their amazing biscuits and gravy. I've never since had them as good.

geewhy said...

I love your Sunday Drive posts. This one is amazing. It's like being in a Rockford Files episode. The Santa Monica Ski Haus shot reminds me of the old Ski Haus in Flint, first on Dayton Ave and then on Welch. A ski shop on Dayton! Times have changed.

Willym said...

Been awhile since we've taken a Sunday morning drive - I missed them. Particularly love the Crown Carwash - church tower shop and how posh is that Rancho Park Pharmacy??

Thanks for taking us along.

evilganome said...

Great signs. More and more of the old time signage is disappearing from the Boston landscape. We also used to see advertising painted on the sides of buildings, which seemed to date back to the 30's and before but that too is all but gone.