Saturday, April 25, 2009

and then there's maude

Tragically sad news today with the passing of Bea Arthur, of cancer, at age eighty six.

Iconic to the hilt. She originated Vera Charles in Mame, for Chrissakes. Reprised it in the otherwise forgettable film version, and then went on to be Maude. AND Dorothy. How many gay icons can one woman play? And how dare she leave us all behind- what are we supposed to do now?

I knew her best as Maude. That uncompromising enterprising anything but tranquilizing Right-On Maude. In one of the episodes I remember most clearly, Maude and Vivian attend the funeral of a mutual acquaintance and discover Vivian's Missing Family Heirloom Brooch. Go ahead and watch. Bea would love it:

And then Vivian discovers whose heirloom it was:

Rest well, Bea. We love you lots and lots.