Friday, January 16, 2009

still delusional

Eight dark miserable years end in a couple more days.

Rachel Maddow takes no prisoners as she offers counterpoint to Dubya's miserable attempt to whitewash what will easily prove to be the worst Presidency ever- of any country, any company, or even local book club. Ever.

And listen to him harping on the phrase "Moral Clarity". Moral Clarity? He started two unprovoked illegal wars, operated secret prisons, suspended habeas corpus, spied on every American, wiped his ass with the Constitution, set up Halliburton to bankrupt the Treasury in a no-bid frenzy of unfinished "reconstruction" projects and allowed his buddies to rob the economy (hear anything about Wall Street lately?) leaving us all in the collapsed ruin of collective greed and corruption unprecedented in our history. And we won't even mention Darth Cheney and Alberto I-Do-Not-Recall.


Doralong said...

This hangover is gonna take a long, long time to get over..

SubtleKnife said...

I'm not watching anything to do with this clown anymore.