Saturday, March 7, 2009

single ladies

A special kind of awesomeness, courtesy of The Dan Band. The trio, featuring LA comedian (and husband of Kathy Najimy) Dan Finnerty as lead singer, and cute as a button back up singers John Kozeluh and Gene Reed, elevate gender bending to an art form.

They normally perform covers of hits by pop divas with au courant swearing added in. Their masculinity is further demonstrated via their gas station attendant and accountant attire respectively. For this most recent video, they have added an actual gas station complete with a most masculine choice of commuter transportation devices, as backdrop for their interpretation of the recent work of Beyonce. Listen carefully and you will be shocked to discover that they are not actually singing, but rather it is really a clever lip synch.

Check them out at their official site here.

Hat tip to David.

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