Monday, November 23, 2009


I've always loved Palm Springs, and even more so since moving here, but was in a dilemma of how to refer to it. I rename almost everything in my world. My best friend is now Trixie, my car is Kitty (the old Mercedes was Otto- how cute is that) and my hunky trainer I call Binky. And he likes it. Years ago friends relocated to a place up in the grapevine. There were two tiny towns in shopping distance which I nicknamed Hooterville and Pixley. We still use those.

Back in the early 90's ago my ex, John, insisted that Palm Springs was the model for Bedrock. Both Hanna and Barbera had homes here, and if you look at the backgrounds in the Flintstones, Bedrock is a low rise community with Palm trees and mountains in the background. I'm pretty certain he is right on with his theory but it's nonetheless a terrible nickname for anything other than a lizard motel.

I've been referring to it as the Gay Small Town. The population within the city limits is statistically 53% gay or lesbian, but the town retains its very small town charm. My favorite part of the pride parade was the High School Marching Band.

I was discussing it with my new stylist last week (in the fabulous salon next to the fabulous bookstore which is next to the fabulous coffee house) and he agreed. "I call it Gayberry" he nonchalantly remarked.

Gayberry. He nailed it. I'm living in Gayberry. Okay, I'm off to the Snappy Lunch.


Birdie said...

Look out for Barney Fife. Every town has one. But you'll have Floyd, Howard, Aunt Bee and Opie to make up for it. I l can't wait to see when you ID these characters.


i love it..

I sort of live in a mayberry type town..we have kirk the pharmacist, a barber shop just like floyds ,but his name is sam pinter. one of our most popular and busy bars is ran by a gay couple merle and t.j. and we have about 12 aunt bees and our chief of police looks more like barney than barney.....there are about 12 core familys and every body is related either by kin or marriage to each other. or as i like to say..'kinfolk kinfolk, everybodys kinfolk.'