Saturday, December 12, 2009

come fly with me

Exciting news out of Seattle as the long awaited and agonizingly delayed 787 Dreamliner is about to fly. The plastic fantastic airliner (carbon fiber, you know) has completed all its static testing and the wing to body side fix has passed its computerized testing. Today all eyes are on ZA001 as she completes runway tests.

The long delayed airplane is so close to flight that her nose wheel lifted up for six seconds during a high speed runway test and her giant wings started to flex upward. Pretty bird wants to fly:

This is the third time the entire future of Boeing depends on a single airplane, the 707 jetliner and the 747 jumbo were both "all or nothing" propositions. May the new bird be as successful as those two were- I can't wait to see her in the air.

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