Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday drive: town and country center

Oh My God, it still exists! Today's Sunday Drive is really a walk, okay a stroll, and it's a leisurely stroll at that- through the iconic 1947 Town and Country Center, a mixed use retail-restaurant-office outdoor space in the late International Style. The intersection of curvilinear and rectangular, devoid of superflous ornamentation, and almost as pure as Mies.

Possibly the loveliest intact unrestored space left in palm Springs, and of course it's threatened with demolition by out of town developers who want to tear it down to make a street in order to benefit their proposed re-use of the boring, forgettable, unfashionable Desert Fashion Center. Totally unnecessary, there's a thoroughfare a half block away. But that's how out of town developers think. They don't give a damn about anything but money in their pockets. For now, there is detente - the City Council wisely won't issue any demolition permits until the proposed project is "well along in construction" and they haven't done a thing toward it, and so the Center lives. It's screaming for adaptive re-use. The Palm Springs Modern Committee, the Friends of the Town and Country and the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation are screaming for it to get the adaptive re-use it so deserves.

Take a look- isn't it breathtaking? Who could tear down such a magical space?

See more photos here

Visit the friends of town and country center here

the palm springs modern committee here

and the palm springs preservation foundation here

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Willym said...

As always enjoyed the Sunday outing... sadly so many people don't realize that's historic doesn't necessarily mean Victorian etc. Let's hope it is restored to its former glory.