Monday, April 26, 2010

sunday drive: el rancho vista

It seems to be bit more upscale neighborhood than the Racquet Club Alexanders- maybe it was a bit pricier or perhaps it wasn't targeted as much to vacationers. The homes are a bit more substantial looking, largely with garages in lieu of carports. They have the same type of detailing, and are very nicely executed. Clerestory windows, butterfly rooflines, decorative masonry and stone screens. The landscaping is more terraced and creates more of a third dimension of context for the viewer. Largely intact and in very good condition, with no Frankenmoderns and only a few restoration candidates remaining.

It's the El Rancho Vista Estates, developed by Roy Fey and designed by Donald Wexler and Richard Harrison. Just east of the airport, it's very easy to squint and imagine a Super Constellation or a newfangled Boeing 707 on final approach. Oh, look- it's Martini Time. Catch you all later.

Enjoy the El Rancho Vista Estates:

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