Tuesday, September 11, 2012

crisp clear morning

I was uncharacteristically awake at 5 am. Not one of those moments of awake where I then roll over and fall back asleep, but stone cold awake.

I decided to take a pre-dawn drive to relax myself. It's an hour of day where LA freeways are pretty much wide open. I took the 101 to the 405 to Mulholland, and drove back along the apex of the hills on a twisty two-lane mountain road. The sun gradually rose revealing a crisp, clear morning- cloudless and glorious. To my left was the San Fernando Valley, on my right was Hollywood. It all seemed so very serene.

I was smiling and relaxed when I pulled the car back into the garage at just after 6 am. Just what I needed- a glorious morning. Then I came inside and logged onto the computer just in time to read that the first tower had fallen.

To those who were lost, I wish eternal rest and peace.

To the families that are still trying to cope with their loss, I wish love and strength.

Today in the New York Times comes a story that strongly suggests that Senior Cabinet Officials had MUCH more warning of an imminent Al Qaeda threat and that their inaction could be construed as either massive, unprecendented incompetence or a conscious decision to take no action. If they somehow fall short of being accessories to murder then they are culpable in the deaths of thousands of innocent people- violent, terrifying deaths. 

This is unforgivable in my mind. Literally unforgivable. 

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