Friday, June 15, 2007

Free At Last

Miss Belvedere was gently lifted from her vault this afternoon at the Tulsa Courthouse The crane operator twirled her around for the excited audience. People from all over the world watched a live stream on the Internet. I watched, literally teared up.

Why do I love this car so much? First, I am mad about the fifties. It was our last few minutes as an unconquered nation. We believed in our technology, and in our selves. We thought that we could accomplish anything. So it was hardly surprising that the Golden Jubilee Committee of Tulsa thought that they had the technology to encase an automobile underground and have it emerge intact.

I love her because she was a conscious gift from 1957 to the people of 2007. We all try to leave a legacy for our children. Some legacies, like this poor waterlogged Plymouth, are less than perfect. But I love all of the effort that went into trying. Even in her likely rusted state, she is a precious gift to us- a representation of what 1957 America thought of their lives.

Welcome back, Miss Belvedere. I Think you're just gorgeous.

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BigAssBelle said...

you're so sweet, jeff. i, too, love the 50s and miss belvedere was planted in a very fine year, the year of my birth. there is much about this country that changed in the '60s and '70s and changed for the better. but i miss the sweet innocence of those earlier times.