Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tulsarama!-The Musical

Tul-sa-ra-ma, where the Plymouth should've had a drain
Cause the plastic bag, will start to sag
After fifty years all full of rain.

Tul-sa-ra-ma, Ev'ry night Miss Belvedere and I
Will discuss our fears, for fifty years
Hope the vault is keeping nice and dry.

The promised it was waterproof
And we hope they were telling the truth!
And when we say -Yay!
She's comin out today!
We're only hopin'
Don't drown the car, Tulsarama!
Tulsa-rama, okay?

Tul-sa-ra-ma, where the vault filled to the brim with rain
And the car was trapped, and filled with crap
And you know, it doesn't look the same.

Tul-sa-ra-ma, I can see, Miss Belvedere's a wreck
But the folks still came, and gave her fame
And they all still loved her, what the heck

We know we relied on the bag
But the seams didn't hold, what a drag!
And when we say Yay!
It's Tul-sa-ra-ma day!
You know we're thinkin'
Just dry her off , Tulsarama
Tulsarama, okay?


The vault kept it safe from the bomb
But the water leaked in all along!
And when we say
Go tow that wreck away!
We're only sayin'
We had a blast, Tulsarama!
Tulsarama, Okay!

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BigAssBelle said...

so how ya doing, pumpkin?