Tuesday, December 25, 2007

jolly holiday

It is sixty eight degrees in on the pier. The sun streams brightly across a blue cloudless sky. The ocean rocks gently against the sand. Palm trees are rustling in the wind and sea gulls are buzzing them as they fly along.

There is a distinct Christmas feel in the air. It does not need snow and cold weather to make its appearance. Santa can wear sunglasses and drive a '55 Buick convertible.

Merry Christmas to all of you from a sunny day in Santa Monica.


Doralong said...

To each his or her own, yes?? Hope you had a pleasant holiday dear, in spite of it all..

BigAssBelle said...

and you, sir, are a sadist. yes you are. i have been so cold all day that i simply cannot get warm. it was just as frigid yesterday with a stiff wind that actually knocked my little puppy off her feet as she crouched to potty. crazy stuff. i am green though. green with envy.