Saturday, December 8, 2007

merry christmas milly

I first heard of the Del Rubio Triplets in the late 80's. Identical triplets in go-go boots and miniskirts well into their sixties performing both Sinatra standards and the Devo songbook. Their enthusiasm more than made up for any lapse in actual talent.

Sadly, both Eadie and Elena have passed on and Milly is pressing on alone. Recently I have learned that she has been having heath challenges herself and may be facing her last Christmas season. Her friend Michael has started a campaign asking fans to send a Christmas card to Milly so she doesn't feel forgotten. Please send the cards to him, and please don't refer to her health or the passing of her sisters.

Send a Christmas card to:
2275 WEST 25TH, #30

And to get you in the Holiday mood, check out this video of the fabulous Del Rubio Triplets at their peak, performing Winter Wonderland on Pee Wee's Christmas Special, circa 1989. Ho Ho Ho.


Doralong said...

That's so precious of him to want to cheer her up- will add Miss Milly to the list of cards (that have yet to exit the building)

BigAssBelle said...

what a wonderful idea!! and thanks so much for passing it on.

Kanani said...

That is super sweet. I'll send her one today.
I remember them, too. They did a wonderful gig with Huell Howser years ago.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Those gals had some serious gams going on! That was delightful and a great tribute. I wonder if this is what happened when Laurence Fishburne took the blue pill?

TankMontreal said...

OH! the Del Rubio Triplets - they were a big hit here at Monteal Pride some time ago...was it as far back as the '80s? Yeesh.
How sad we've lost two of them. I'll say a prayer for Millie tonight.

BigAssBelle said...

happy holiday, sweetie. hope you are well. hugs, lynette

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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