Saturday, June 14, 2008

best man

As if this week hadn't been stressful enough, my General Manager came into my office and announced, "Your boy's getting married today".

He was referring, of course, to my straight ex-boyfriend, the one whose abrupt decommissioning I have previously reported. The one who openly adored me, more than anyone I ever encountered. The one who held my hand in public. THAT one. Getting married. To a female. I knew the wedding was coming, but in all honesty, would have preferred to have learned of the date after the fact.

Jeremy and his partner John were invited. I, whom he said did more for him than almost anyone else in his life, I who introduced them all to each other, was not. I'm okay with that, it is truly kinder this way, although part of me would have have loved the moment of extreme discomfort when the Minister proclaimed "If anyone here has reason why these two should not be legally joined...".

I can dream, can't I?

Interesting mood. Eighteen months and I'm 99% better, but not completely over it. Just beginning to conceptualize the notion of casual dating sometime in the short term. And paying homage to Casey Kasum, looking for the perfect long distance dedication. So here is my video greeting, featuring great mid century ranch homes, the lovely and talented Dinah Shore, and a selection of 1959 Chevrolets. It wouldn't be a wedding without em.

Take a look (pay attention around 1:07)

I always cry at weddings.

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Tater said...

Dinah had a very cute and talented gay posse! Yay for her! I think I need to hear the long version of the story, of how your ex went straight and got married. I am horrified at the thought, and feel so awful this could happen to you. I also look forward to your post a year or two from now, when you objectively report on your ex's divorce (with just a touch of glee). Ugh, what a tool. I'm so sorry honey...