Saturday, June 21, 2008

hollywood hills

I spent this evening at a very glamorous surprise birthday party in the Hollywood Hills for my friend John. There was a line of Jaguars valet-parked in front of his painstakingly restored mid-century ranch home, the kind that tumbles down a hillside in a section of Hollywoodland insiders refer to as the "Swish Alps".

The crowd was eclectic and fun. Producers, designers, TV stars of the seventies, and a sprinkling of bohemian Hollywood neighbors to add charm to the mix. But hot -stiflingly hot. Almost brush fire hot.

I relaxed at the portable wonder of a bar which only hours ago had been a pool deck and sipped diet tonic. When the heat began to get to me, I climbed the staircase to the driveway to catch a breeze. At that exact moment, my straight ex-boyfriend was pulling up with his new wife of six days. I attempted not to notice but that was for naught. He greeted me tentatively. I said hello to him and gave her a hug. Him I prefer not to touch.

As they descended the stairway I looked up the hillside at a spectacular polished glass box- a cantilevered mid-century home lit up with a series of George Nelson pendant lamps- it was gleaming white and spectacular against the night sky. It represented the promise of what I expected when I moved to Los Angeles all those years ago. I contemplated the revised guest list and walked to my car.

I'm trying to capture my mood. The best representation, filmed in Hollywood only blocks from the party locale, comes from the eclectic Dwight Yoakum. He clearly has the cutest butt of the entire Bakersfield Sound.

Have a listen:

Will the pain ever dissipate?


Tater said...

Shouldn't the ex and his bride be finding a new set of friends to hang out with? You know, straight couples who like to talk about their children? I hope you don't run into them every time you attend a function or event...

Low Carb Evangelist said...

Will the pain ever lessen? Yes. Can anyone tell you when, or how long it will take? Unfortunately, no. The party, for the brief time you were there, sounds divine, though. And have you seen the new Charles and Ray Eames stamps at the post office?? They are extremely beautfiul and cool. Hang in there buddy...

Al said...

Not at all trying to dismiss your pain, I've been there. But getting through that is always a matter of our own navigation and time clock. No one but ourselves need to be deciding that.

Though I was struck by this:

"It represented the promise of what I expected when I moved to Los Angeles all those years ago".

I believe in timing and symbolic gestures & sightings. Maybe it is telling you it can represent something again. Best of luck Jeff.

Willym said...

Yes it will but as low carb e says who know when.

And Dwight does have the sweetest butt.. .gives a man ideas doesn't it?