Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday drive: palm springs modern

There are few places on the planet I enjoy as much as Palm Springs, even in the desert heat. The topography, the mountains that seem to tumble right up to the edge of town, the flora, Excaliburs in parking lots, Hollywood Empire, and of course the incredible examples of mid century modernism. Fortunately, owing largely to the Palm Springs Modern Committee and the late ninteies resurgence of MCM as the chicest architectural style upon the earth, a decent percentage have, like ourselves, managed to survive.

Here's the quickest of overviews- including, mid-century intact and interpreted, and my favorite house on the planet- the incredible Kaufmann House by Richard Neutra (1947). This is just a primer- much more to come.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Palm Springs Modern:


Willym said...

You know how much I love the Sunday drives. Thanks for what appears to be the start of a new series???? I hope!

Jeff said...

Stay tuned to this station...