Friday, October 9, 2009

radio silence

Oops, sorry about the unintended radio silence. I guess I've been too busy getting settled to talk about, well, getting settled.

First some kudos. Five friends offered to help with the move, which is something I personally anguish over, and in reality six showed up to help. A net plus one. (Thanks, Father Geoff.) Awesome.
I had spent the week packing, boxing, labelling and preparing, so we were able to hit the deck running. Ross and Trixie wrapped all of the furniture in plastic while Mike and Geoff wheeled the twin dollies. David packed the trailer and drove. I did some of everything. The whole place was packed up in just under three hours, the unload took only about 90 minutes. It's great to have friends, and its useful having gymbot friends. there's no way I could have done this alone.

And Serena? She peacefully rested at the Vet's to escape the trauma of the move. She doesn't move well either. Or ride in a car, now that you mention it. Her strategic absence allowed the vet to give her her check up and administer the aforementioned travel sedative. She slept peacefully on the front seat of the Cat-illac.

We're getting settled in nicely. Serena loves looking out the window and has even been outside on the patio with me. She seems very happy and well, serene. I've been very busy socially, turns out I know quite a few people out here. So far all is well. In fact, we love it here and give a big shout out of thanks to all who helped make it happen.

And we'll check in more frequently, I promise.

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Janine Kozanda said...

Can't believe we are so late in finding out. Congrats! I know you will love it there... What is not to love??? Hope you're well. xo Janine/Stephan