Friday, October 9, 2009

radio silence

Oops, sorry about the unintended radio silence. I guess I've been too busy getting settled to talk about, well, getting settled.

First some kudos. Five friends offered to help with the move, which is something I personally anguish over, and in reality six showed up to help. A net plus one. (Thanks, Father Geoff.) Awesome.
I had spent the week packing, boxing, labelling and preparing, so we were able to hit the deck running. Ross and Trixie wrapped all of the furniture in plastic while Mike and Geoff wheeled the twin dollies. David packed the trailer and drove. I did some of everything. The whole place was packed up in just under three hours, the unload took only about 90 minutes. It's great to have friends, and its useful having gymbot friends. there's no way I could have done this alone.

And Serena? She peacefully rested at the Vet's to escape the trauma of the move. She doesn't move well either. Or ride in a car, now that you mention it. Her strategic absence allowed the vet to give her her check up and administer the aforementioned travel sedative. She slept peacefully on the front seat of the Cat-illac.

We're getting settled in nicely. Serena loves looking out the window and has even been outside on the patio with me. She seems very happy and well, serene. I've been very busy socially, turns out I know quite a few people out here. So far all is well. In fact, we love it here and give a big shout out of thanks to all who helped make it happen.

And we'll check in more frequently, I promise.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

under desert skies

Serena and I awoke on Tuesday to a perfect Desert morning, she for the first time ever. The skies are blue and clear, palm trees framing our vista of the mountains. Fall is here.The temperature has moderated. I worked in the garage yesterday and it was comfortable. This is the perfect time of year to be here.

We are in Palm Springs. It's always been one of my favorite places, and for fifteen years I have told myself if I could figure out a way to make a living here, that I'd move in a heartbeat. With the imploding LA economy, the time is right to try it if I ever will. An opportunity arose and we are here.

Serena loves it here, she adjusted in a nanosecond. The drive out was uneventful, thanks to a kitty cocktail that allowed her to carelessly slumber, stirring only occasionally to offer a sleepy howl of vague concern. This from the cat who can't be driven around the block. Ahhh, better living through chemistry. I've gotten her a harness, so she can be allowed to explore her fenced-in backyard. I think she'll love it.

So all is well in the World O' Jeff, and in a brand new setting to boot. The strife of Los Angeles will fade into the past. The future is new and very exciting. I'm happy to have you all come along for the ride.

It's like the season where Lucy went to Hollywood, but of course, in real life Lucy had a fabulous mid-century ranch home on Thunderbird. It's about three miles from here. There's so much mid-century here, I'll have my sunday drives booked for weeks to come.

A toast to new beginnings. Lift your glass high.