Saturday, January 9, 2010


His name never really fit him. His mother intended to call him William and then at the last minute elected to name him after his father instead. The name has never really fit him, so it is no surprise that I had to rename him. To me he is and always will be the inimitable Trixie.

Trix is my best friend, closest confidante, partner in crime and Vera to my Mame. He may be the eye of the drama hurricane, as crazed roommates and unsuitable suitors swirl around him in a haze, but he is of my tribe. We look out for each other.

So here's a salute to Trixie on the 50-watt anniversary of his birth. I love you lots.

And you'll always be older than me.

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Willym said...

And exactly how old are you, Jeffrey? The Truth!