Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the new senator Elect from Massachusetts, Scott Brown:

While I'm certainly not steering the blog back into politics, as there are many very good political writers out there, I nonetheless do want to share my observation that this election is groundbreaking in a unique way. For decades, prostitutes, whores, sex workers, and indeed just good old fashioned garden variety sluts felt excluded by the political system. Yes, they could meet a Senator in an airport bathroom, and occasionally affix a diaper to one, but couldn't envision themselves holding the office themselves.

Well, thanks to the GOP that artificial prophylactic barrier, the so-called tramp ceiling, has been shattered. Indeed, our newest leader was only a staple away from the Full Brownie, with hardly an eyebrow raised. As long as he supports the Corporotracy and oppresses the right minorities, it's all good. So elect prostitutes- they're probably more honest than what we have now!

Oh, and a song dedicated to Senator Elect Brown. Heck of a centerfold, Brownie:


Jim Cherry said...

People are so desperate for a change from Washington insider politics, they will vote for a truck. Obama doesn't get this, he thinks we voted for Bait & Switch instead of Hope & Change. I mean, putting the guys who caused the financial meltdown in charge of fixing it?!? WTF?

A Lewis said...

But, SENATOR!! How could you??!!