Saturday, February 26, 2011

the end of the plain plane

Modernism week was fabulous this year, eight days incredible mid century design all served up like a swirling and delicious dessert. In addition to architecture, themes of advertising and design were introduced. Among the unexpected jewels of the show this year was this amazing exhibition of the rebranding of Braniff Airlines in 1965.

Driven by Mary Wells of Well Rich Greene, the transformation of the airline was in no way limited to the advertising- instead everything was redecorated- including the aircraft inside and out- painted in seven pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, orange and even lavendar, the runway service equipment, the terminals and yes, the flight attendants. Still known as Stewardesses at that time, they were totally transformed by Emilio Pucci, a complete ensemble including dresses, coats, scarves, serving suits (with culottes), bags, shoes and boots, and yes, even a space age plastic bubble to protect one's hair while boarding.

The exhibition followed the transformation from the Pucci "Gemini IV" collection of 1965 through the wild "Ports of Call" look and on through the adoption of a much moe subdued Halston look of 1977. Simply to die for. Have a look.

See a complete photo essay here

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