Monday, February 28, 2011

ooh, shiny!

Canned hams, polished Airstreams, Atomic wonders and even a homemade truck camper- some original, some restored, some reinvented to indulge an owner's fantasies- as individual as hot rods once were, these are the retro trailers from the 2011 Airstream Show at Palm Springs Modernism Week.

They are famous and luxurious names like Airstream and Spartan- and some lesser known like Airfloat and Road Chief. There's even an super modern Holiday House, a little known venture from the founders of Harry and David. They range from the late thirties through the early seventies, and each has a story to tell- of places visited, families hosted, and adventure together on the open road.

Hook one up to the Country Squire wagon and let's go!

See more photos here


Nata's Cocktails said...

Honey, pack your bags, we're leaving!
WOW o'wow!

ilduce said...

MAN! In a whole large world of jealousy right now! I want everything in every picture!