Tuesday, March 25, 2008

on the pier

A picture perfect Easter Sunday. I roamed the streets and took photos of old signage. Michael (the ex I am friends with) came by after work for dinner. I wanted to see the sunset. We found ourselves strolling on the bluff overlooking the ocean and pretty soon we were walking out to the end of the Santa Monica pier. It was a very peaceful place to me. While walking on the wooden planks. I realized that the last time I had been here was last Easter with the Clan. Here is a repost of that day:


TankMontreal said...

Oh if that pier could talk. The stories that've been hatched on those boards.
I walked it with a dear, dear friend last November. Hopefully I'll do it again someday. Hopefully with the same friend.

Doralong said...

Sounds like both were lovely days dear. Glad it was a pleasant one for you.

BigAssBelle said...

it sounds lovely . . . just the phrase "santa monica pier" is evocative. i've never been west of arizona . . . and not that 'til this january. maybe i'll make it to california one of these days.