Friday, March 7, 2008

thirty three

Sorry to be silent for so long but work has been very intense of late and leaves me pretty much exhausted at the end of the day when I should be busy blogging for all of you. All three of you. Both of you. Whatever.

Getting ready for a weekend trip to Palm Springs to hang out with friends and see "Gypsy", one of my favorite shows. I'll be driving to the desert, which has made me think about my driving habits and how they have changes since the move.

I'll jump on the 10 freeway to head east. It's interesting to note that I haven't been on a freeway since January 9th when I did the walk through on the house with the realtor. Quite a change from the forty four mile per day commute. And in Los Angeles, no less.

Last Monday, I reset the trip odometer in the car to just get a picture of how much I am driving these days. Sunday morning it read 33. Thirty three miles. This was for a whole week. Maybe a gallon and a half tops. Not claiming any type of enviromnental superiority here but it does suggest that the old fashioned concept of living near work makes a whole lot of sense. Of course, it is not feasible for everyone and it required a lot of change for me to pull it off. But the commuter mindset of drive great distances to work and back just doesn't make sense anymore.

So far, I'm very happy with the non-commute and the extra hours in the day. And I'm, looking forward to using some of that saved up gasoline for the weekend trip. The weather in the desert is supposed to be beautiful. I'll talk to y'all on Monday.


Doralong said...

Have a wonderful weekend precious- and tell us all about it next week so e can seethe and such..

SubtleKnife said...

I haven't used my car since the 21st. And I get over two hours of reading/sleeping/writing time on the train every working day.

Sometimes I wonder why I've got that car...

Anonymous said...

Good to hear some good old common sense coming from LA!

I'm back in Chicago's Gold Coast 'hood which is just minutes (just over a mile) to/from the office.

Much better than the 35 - 45 minute commute to travel under 9 miles to the old 'hood during both rush periods.

With Spring just around the corner, I'll be walking to and from work a few days per week during the warm-weather months. I'll be saving gas and burning up those winter calories!


Miss Janey said...

There's almost nothin' better (in LA) than the short commute.

Drive safely & have a blast.