Sunday, March 30, 2008

sunday drive: wilshire boulevard

Wilshire Boulevard starts at the west end of Mac Arthur Park and marches straight to the sea, a distance of some twenty miles. Along the way, it passes through downtown, Mid-Wilshire, Hancock Park, the Miracle Mile, Beverly Hills, Westwood and on through Santa Monica. It is a amazing street. Like rings of a tree, growth patterns of Los Angeles can be observed just by driving this iconic street.

For this sunday drive, I began at the site of the former Ambassador Hotel, sadly demolished by a myopic LAUSD. I was too saddened by the site to photograph it, and am using a postcard instead. I pulled the lens cap off at the Perino Apartments, on the site of the world famous Perino's restaurant, and drove to Saint Monica at the ocean. Ride along:

More Photos Here


BigAssBelle said...

gorgeous!! those photos are fantastic! i'm sending an enormous French art deco armoire to a woman who lives in Beverly Hills, seems like on Wilshire, or maybe I just saw that on mapquest while trying to figure her freight rate :-)

you're really inspiring me with this sign stuff. i need to get the camera and head out to art deco tulsa . . . folks will be stunned at what's here.

Willym said...

love your Sunday excursions... there really is so much out there that is missed or simply overlooked.

Doralong said...

It's a lovely place to visit ;)