Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunday drive: neon by night

I had to go in to the store yesterday, which precluded my regularly scheduled Sunday drive. But I got out relatively early, and met my friend Will (aka Trixie) on the Third Street Promenade for a bite. I brought camera along to capture nightime views of a few of the signs I've shown you on previous drives. So take a look at some Santa Monica Neon by Night:

The restored Criterion Theater, on the Promenade:

Stop off for a quick drink at Joe's?

The very end of Route 66, at the Santa Monica Pier:

Neon and incandescent, the Ferris Wheel on the Pier:

Impervious to time, the Pacific Sands on Ocean:

My beloved Aero Theatre, on Montana:

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Willym said...

Again a wonderful trip - that ferris wheel shot is incredible.