Thursday, April 24, 2008

ten days

Ten days into the pretty-gosh-darn-low-carbo diet and I'm doing okay. I get sometimes hungry at mealtimes, but not ravenous. Other times I seem to forget to eat at all and have to stop and remind myself. I'm not at all tempted by by former arch enemy, the Satanic Vending Machine.

I'm getting used to the overcrowded parking lot at Trader Joe's. I leave the little Foreman grill on the counter even tho it clashes with my mid-century decor- anyone have a Gingham grill cozy?

I'm trying to get used to water. Lots of water. Yesterday, I seemed to have drank a swimming pool by mid day. I've even forsaken vodka for the time being. (Was that an earthquake.....?)

But there are effects. Clothes are more loose- one notch in the belt so far. I like that. And my energy level is better. Not as tired at the end of the day, and mornings are much easier. I feel like I'm off the sugar roller coaster. And I managed just in time for the global rice shortage. Whee.

Seriously, y'all, doing just fine with it and I'll keep you posted. Rice cake, anyone?


Low Carb Evangelist said...

Way to go, Jeff!!! Woo hoo! I'm jumping up and down cheering for you. I'm so proud of you. :-) Love, Janine (aka Low Carb Evangelist)

Miss Janey said...

Great for you. Miss Janey would KILL someone.

citizen jane said...

I'm toasting your success with a white cheddar soy chip. Mmmmmm.

Way to go -- it's not easy, but the results are SO worth it.