Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a couple of misfits

I just can't seem to leave this Rudolph thing alone- the need for conformity at all costs, the ostracising of those to fail to conform to the standard, even to the point of banishing playthings who fail to meet the accepted standards of provenance to a snowy Gulag- the dreaded Island of Misfit Toys.

Is this show really about the manifestation of the Mc Carthyism tactics of the 50's giving way to the push for civil rights in the 60's?

Or am I just watching a cute little song about the first gay couple at the North Pole?

Talk amongst yourselves...


rptrcub said...

Why not both?

BGreen said...

I won't start worrying about you until you start posting clips from that wretched computer animation Rudolph sequel.