Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blossom adieu

Very sad news from over the weekend that jazz and cabaret icon Blossom Dearie passed away in her sleep on Saturday. The legendary chanteuse and Diva of the first rank was a fixture in London and New York, with a tiny voice that was described as "unable to reach the second story of a doll house", and as much soul as Miles Davis.

Here is Blossom's "I'm Old Fashioned", from 1964's May I Come In, a departure album featuring a full orchestra instead of her usual piano accompaniment

And this one, presented as a link, is a live performance from 1985 with three classics that are the personification of Blossom Dearie- "I'm Shadowing You", "Winchester In Apple Blossom Time" (my personal favorite), and her sendup of Avant Garde, "I'm Hip".

Watch Blossom Dearie in 1985

And check out Bill Reed's Blossom Dearie Day tribute from last spring.

Adieu to the flower with the tiny voice.

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Marker said...

Such a loss! I love her. Fortunately her music lives on.