Tuesday, February 17, 2009

blogiversary deux

Wow, it's hard to believe that another year has gone by, and that today the little World O' Jeff begins its third blog year. Even more amazing, here I am still writing. I guess I didn't think I had that much to say.

This year took a very unexpected turn in the fall when my friend Geoff came out against Proposition 8 from his Fresno pulpit and took us all in an activism direction that was very exhilarating.

Many other changes as well. Some dear friends passed on, some wonderful new acquaintances were found, the economy sank like the Titanic, I worked at three different showrooms for the same company.

But most importantly, we're still here. We're still writing and commenting and Sunday driving and working for change and justice and getting through these trying times the best we can.

As a reminder of where we came from, here's the repost of the first ever World O' Jeff story, "sweet sticky dog".

Thanks for being here.


Willym said...

First: Happy Blogday! You don't look a day older.

Second: Thanks for all those delightful Sunday drives. I guess I started taking them with you about a year or so ago, so I missed some of the earlier stuf. So I think I'll just take a drive through the archives if I may.

Loved the Sweet Sticky dog - thanks for reposting it.

Auguri e baci di Roma


Steven said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary!

rptrcub said...

Happy anniversary!

Doralong said...

Happy Anniversary Sugar! And many more!

BigAssBelle said...

Happy belated blog birthday, Jeff. You have been doing this a long time. I've noticed most blogs come and go within a year or so. I've had fits and starts myself, you too, it seems, yet you're here, persevering, and it's that spirit, I think, that comes through in your writing. Congratulations.

Elizabeth said...

Yay and congratulations! It's been nice reconnecting with you over on facebook.

It's so funny how these little blogs that we start on a whim become important parts of our lives, give us dear friends we've never met (but will someday), and start to inform how we think about our days (hmmm... will this make a good blog entry?}
keep on writing!