Sunday, February 1, 2009

sunday drive: on saticoy avenue

I haven't done a Sunday Drive in so long I'm sure you all thought I forgot how to read a calendar. Well, I'm still not totally back in tune because technically I took these on a Saturday, but the intent is there.

Last Saturday I had to run an errand in Reseda, an early postwar development in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, the area made famous by the film "Boogie Nights". By some stroke of planning, I happened to have the camera along. Unfortunately I didn't encounter Dirk Diggler, but I did manage to capture some of the more interesting visual elements of the town that made him famous. All of these photos but one are from a two mile stretch of Saticoy Avenue. Note the interesting juxtaposition of dining options and the seemingly generous sprinkling of liquor stores, all circa 1960's.

Ladies and Gentlemen for your amusement, presenting Saticoy Avenue.


Doralong said...

Wow, that's a lot of liquor stores!

Miss Janey said...

Miss J's ol' homestead, The Boy's Locker Room, was at Saticoy and Laurel Canyon Blvd, in NoHo.

Absolutely LOVE the old school signage!

tankmontreal said...

I really enjoy your photo essays Jeff.

Texaco said...