Friday, May 15, 2009

jon stewart rocks

Yes, I am avoiding putting pixel to paper. Sometimes too much is going on to actually write about it. And I am deeply, startlingly disappponted in Barack Obama and his silence of LGBT issues since January. He described himself as a tireless advocate of LGBT citizens, a motionless advocate would be far more accurate. But I can't articulate it as well as Jon Stewart, so I will let him take control today:

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Miss Janey said...

Miss J sadly admits, she has not been impressed so far by the president. He seems cooler as a person the previous presidents, but "change" has been very slow in coming. Esp for Miss J's gay friends. And that ain't right.

Miss Patti said...

Hang on MissJ - change will happen but Mr.O has had to drag around the dead weight of the Obstructionist party while he works and it slows things down. Sit tight and keep the faith - it has not even been a year yet. Change will come for your (and my) gay friends as well. :)