Saturday, August 1, 2009

sunday drive: the bear pit

Okay, today is Saturday, and the photos were taken on Friday, but I can still call it a Sunday Drive because it's my blog and I couldn't wait for you to see my outing to The Bear Pit. Well, really it's just a few photos so it's more of a Sunday Drive Lite (TM) but I wanted to give you a quick look.

Put those dark and twisted thoughts out of your mind. The Bear Pit in this instance turns out to be a magnificently unmolested Barbecue Restaurant in the North San Fernando Valley, which opened in 1955. It's in time warp condition inside and out, from the Neon signage proudly proclaiming Missouri Style BBQ and the asymmetrical foyer jutting out of nowhere, right down to the artful fifties arrangement of canned peaches and cottage cheese. The artistry of fifties food.

The valley was full of these wonderful Barbecue Restaurants- Chris and Pitt's, The Valley BBQ, My Brother's BBQ, and sadly only a handful remain. But this one is a gem, and the BBQ was delicious. You'll notice a tasteful photo of my friend Will scientifically studying the ribs.

Let's stop off for a quick bite at the Bear Pit Barbecue

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Willym said...

Damn I can almost taste the ribs... thanks....