Monday, July 14, 2008

bunny slippers

In the supermarket check out line on Friday morning, the lady in front of me turned to her left, revealing a heretofore unseen infant in a carrier strapped to her chest. No more than three months old, he was wearing a brown corduroy suit and a striped knit cap of brown, greens and red. He cooed softly. His eyes were everywhere- scrutinizing the many details of an Albertson's express lane, mesmerized by the wonder of it all.

On his tiny feet were baby blue bunny slippers with little sewn on faces and long floppy ears. They were as tiny and adorable as he was. Ahead of him yet lay a world of Mother Goose and Old Mac Donald's farm. Solid food is still a mystery. Teenage crushes and angst are eons away yet.

Life renews itself, doesn't it?

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Miss Janey said...

Thank goodness it does.