Thursday, July 31, 2008

long weekend

The good news is I am building up to my thousand and eighth birthday with a long weekend. Three whole days of glorious nothingness, to bask in the sun (or more accurately, marine layer) and hopefully become bored. That would be a luxury.

And how did I score this, after six months of six eleven hour a day shifts, pouring my heart into this little place to make it walk?

That's the bad news. The corporation that owns our little showroom decided to close it, even though we are on target and above projection. They're in tight cashflow and so we were rendered nonessential. We were told on July first. It has been interesting, like a patient who knows he has four weeks to live. It honestly seems like it's taken a thousand years for today to finally arrive.

I'm told I will be transferred to another of their showrooms after a couple weeks of winding this one down, so I'm okay. Possibly.

The above message has been brought to you by the Republican National Committee and paid for with their greedy, heartless rape of the economy.

We now return to regular programming.


Miss Janey said...

This would only make sense if we were in a recession, Which our gov't has assured us, were not. Hope you get to make the best of your down time.

BigAssBelle said...

oh shit, jeff. i'm so sorry. this is happening everywhere, i'm afraid. and it's only going to get worse. and even more frightening, mccain has taken the lead in the polls. can you even imagine the destruction that will be wrought upon this country, the world and our economy with another republican president? god help us.