Tuesday, July 29, 2008

we're fine

I was at my desk talking to a client on the telephone when the floor began to dance underneath my feet. There's always a momentary indecision in deciding whether we're having an earthquake, in this case it was a nanosecond. It was definate.

I dropped the phone (sorry, Ed) and yelled for everyone to evacuate the showroom. We were all outside in a few seconds- Californians know when to drop and run. No damage at work except cell phones are out.

I came home to have lunch with Serena. I gave her tuna and she ate hungrily. She's fine now, meowing contentedly on my desk. The news says it was a 5.4 from Chino Hills, and felt from here to Palm Springs. You can't get me by phone right now, but we're fine.

Thanks for thinking of us.


Miss Janey said...

Glad to hear it, Jeff. Miss J aney was worried about her Cali blog buds.

Willym said...

Glad to hear things are okay there... was concerned about you and Sageweb... those damned things are pretty scary.

Rich said...

Jeff, Don't ever run outside during an earthquake!!! dive under something heavy and sturdy, like a desk. to run outside is to expose yourself to deadly falling masonry, glass, or even possibly an airborne Karl Rove. SQUISH.shudder.