Thursday, May 22, 2008

june gloom

Well, the June gloom is here in Santa Monica. A thick marine layer means cool temperatures and overcast mornings which linger until mid day. I like the cool mornings but the gray can put one in a funk. Add in my creeping weariness from my current six day a week schedule, and I havent felt much like writing this week.

To snap out of it, here is a double treat - two fabulous recordings by the Misty Miss June Christy. "I'll Take Romance" and "It Could Happen to You" are both off her delightful 1960 album "Something Cool". Audio only, but well worth your time. Grab something cool and have a listen. I feel better already.


Doralong said...

I thought it was always sunny there ;)

BigAssBelle said...

ha! i'd say lucky you, because our june is here too and it brings the typical equatorial heat and humidity and a complete absence of wind.

well, except for the wind that hit at 10 a.m. and uprooted my black walnut tree. :( but that's tulsa. in between unbearably stifling heat and humidity, deadly and destructive storms from out of nowhere. yippie tie yay, ain't it grand?