Thursday, May 15, 2008

three notches

Got an email the other day asking how the low carb thing was going and realized that its time for an update- four weeks yesterday of no sugar, no wheat, and no flour and the results are: three notches on my belt.

People are starting to comment, even straight guys whom I would not expect to notice. That part I like. For the most part, all is going smoothly. Once off the sugar roller coaster, my energy levels are much more even without the crashes at the end of the day. I even seem to sleep better and wake up more rested. Biggest hassle so far is the way overcrowded Trader Joe's in Santa Monica- it's like a blue light special in purgatory.

How many pounds? Don't know- haven't weighed and don't plan to for another four weeks. Because it's not high school, I'm not cramming for a test and then instantly discarding the information. It's not about a number, its about a healthy sustainable eating plan.

Now off for the morning oatmeal.


Miss Janey said...

MIss Janey is an awe of your willpower.

Low Carb Evangelist said...

I'm so proud of you, Jeff!
Way to go!

BigAssBelle said...

hey! good for you, honey. i wish i could get back on that low carb bandwagon. i seem to have fallen in a ditch somewhere :-)