Sunday, May 11, 2008

sunday drive: pacific park carousel

It's my first Mother's Day since she passed, and I am keenly aware of the loss. My good friend Dora suggested that I do something that she would do. I briefly considered outrunning the law or engaging in a drunken stupor, but decided on something a bit more discreet.

Mother loved carousels. She rode them, photographed them, and collected their iconography. Her kitchen was full of miniature carousel horses, her living room contained the 1939 Allen Herschell carousel horse that I inherited. She loved the light and the color, the show that was carousel.

The Pacific Park Carousel building dates from 1916, and the carousel itself from 1947. Both were rescued from severe neglect by the City of Santa Monica who assumed ownership in 1977 and undertook a sensitive restoration completed in 1982.

For Patsy, and all of you, presenting the Pacific Park Carousel.

More Pictures Here


Miss Janey said...

MIss Janey adores this building and carousel. It's the best hing about the Pier. A lovely way to honor your mom.

Ron said...

What a delightful story with wonderful pics. I cannot believe this is the 10th Mother's day without my mom, however I was able to help brighten Mother's day for Ken's mom. We enjoyed a homemade Lasagna dinner at Ken's house with Karol. Lively banter coupled with a bountiful dinner made a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I'm glad you too were able to spend the day remembering your mom while enjoying the sights and sounds of Santa Monica.

Doralong said...

I'm so very pleased you did this, truly. But I expect she might have gotten a laugh out of the high speed pursuit..

BigAssBelle said...

beautiful. wish i could see it in person.