Sunday, May 25, 2008

sunday drive: casa de cadillac

An architectural treasure, on the road to Bel Air, in the San Fernando Valley

Iconic Casa de Cadillac opened in the spring of 1949. Designed by Randall Duell, a USC trained architect who also designed motion picture sets, the two story polished glass box showroom with attached lanai courtyard looked like it came out of a movie.

A spectacular late example of streamline moderne with an iconic monument sign and eighty two feet of white neon spelling out "Casa de Cadillac" in exactly the same font as the fender script of a 1949 Cadillac nameplate. Irreplaceable.

Still in use today, and in very reasonable condition. Preserved by neglect to a degree, but thankfully only minimal alteration since construction. Presented in period photos from construction, 1956, 1960, and 1966. I especially love the Holiday photos.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Casa de Cadillac:

And just for fun, a Cadillac advertisement from 1958:


Willym said...

Like our friend Auld I am clapping my hands in childish delight. How absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the ride as always Jeff.

Doralong said...

Now THAT is totally cool..

Miss Janey said...

Great pics. And guess what?

You’re IT!

Miss J wants to know more about you. If you dare!

BigAssBelle said...

my dream car is a big tailfin caddy, red, with a ragtop.

as we move along toward energy-related disaster, i might only be able to park it in the drive. still, j'adore! and if i could just have that one cross-country road trip in that big red beauty . . . happy for the rest of my life :-)