Saturday, November 22, 2008

goodbye to you

Scandal featuring Patty Smyth. One of my favorite club songs of the 80's, usually heard in combination with the Flirts and the Weather Girls. Many pleasurable Saturday nights at YP, before heading to La Cage. Can't get it out of my head tonight.

Topical, as my late night thoughts tend to be. Consider it a goodbye wish to Dubya. Can it get any more eighties than this?


rptrcub said...

Everytime I think of 1/20/2009, I think of this song. Except I really won't miss W. It won't be such a pity to say goodbye to him.

tankmontreal said...

Back in the day, I woulda been hoppin' around on dancefloors like a jackrabbit on speed to this and songs like it.
They say '80s club music was pretty horrid and it sorta was, I guess. But it defines my coming-years and I love/d it. Thanks for the memory.