Thursday, November 13, 2008

when leaves turn

I think of her especially when the leaves turn. We're coming into her favorite time of year. She loved autumn- color tours to view the turning leaves, trips to the apple orchard, the advent of Hallowe'en. When my brother and I outgrew our need for home-made costumes she started making them for the little neighbor girl. Her parents whom I had not seen in years recounted the story to me at her service.

I took these images in late October, 1983. I was learning to use my new Nikon 35 mm camera and as you can see, was pretty impressed with my star filter. It was a stellar fall day, sunny and crisp and I was taking glamor shots of Dad's 1941 Packard Limousine. I decided I needed a model and talked Mom into the part, in her favorite antebellum lace dress and parasol. The pictures were taken in the middle of the street. Somehow, we managed to dodge the upcoming cars and then afterward went inside for hot chocolate.

I'm terribly glad she agreed to it, because they are among my favorite images of her. It will be one year on Thanksgiving. I miss her so much.

In remembrance and love, here is Eva Cassidy with a wonderful live version of Autumn Leaves:


Willym said...

Jeff what wonderful photos. You are so lucky to have them. A beautiful memory of a beautiful person.

Doralong said...

I'm glad you talked her into it too.. but somehow I doubt it took much convincing since it was you asking. She was truly lovely dear, thanks for letting us see too.

tankmontreal said...

What lovely souvenirs.