Saturday, November 29, 2008


I had four different invitations for Thanksgiving. Each one was a sincere extension of hospitality from a devoted and well meaning friend, and each involved family and good fellowship. And I was very grateful for each, it made me feel valued and cared for. In the end, I declined all four and stayed home. Thursday was the first anniversary of her passing, and I spent the day with her. I was in the right place.

No weeping, no wailing, just a quiet day of reflection. I'm very thankful for the time I had with her, and for all of the crazy adventures we had. Yes, she was a handful at times, but she loved me without limits and constantly reminded me how proud she was of me. Every child should be so fortunate.

I'm thankful for the Mom I was given.

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BigAssBelle said...

I was thinking of you while we were in Mexico, because I thought it was around this time that she died. Your memory of her is a great honor. She was a grand woman, but you are also a lovely son. You were both blessed.