Thursday, November 27, 2008


One year today. How the time has flown, already an anniversary. Not a particulrly easy one either, considering how much she loved the holiday season. I needed to do something for her. I was reading a friend's blog when I stumbled upon the Jewish tradition of Yahrtzeit, which literally means "one year later". They comemmorate the passing of a loved one by rituals that include setting up a photo shrine with a candle, and saying a special prayer.

I was touched by the idea. So I took the pictures of her that I shared with you last week, and placed them on the Magnavox. Next to those I set up the ceramic Christmas tree that she made in the late 60's in ceramics class. I added a candle and here it is- my own version of Yahrtzeit.

I feel better having it here.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hold your loved ones close to your heart.


rptrcub said...

I hope you find some comfort in this ritual. My best thoughts and hugs to you.

Al said...

Have been thinking of you lots and really wish I could be there.

Though I can tell you I am so glad you have the memories you do, as they have given me insight into a truly special woman and someone I have no doubt I would have got along with.


joe said...

That's really nice, and best wishes to you through this entire holiday season. I love those ceramic trees -- we had one for the longest time growing up. I'm not sure if my mom still has it. I'm really honored that my post inspired you to do the yahrtzeit -- it's a very meaningful way to honor the loved ones, I think.

BigAssBelle said...

i do. in the end, the memories of love are the greatest treasure.