Sunday, November 30, 2008

scene twelve

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Tagged by Dora with the dreaded book meme, I decided to give the game a slight Hollywood twist. The challenge:

"Here's the game. Open the book nearest your computer (and be honest not something artsy-fartsy so you can impress everyone) turn to page 56 and post the 5th sentence, plus a bit before and after for context."

I'm going for the closest reading material, which happens to be the script to an upcoming film that my friend Ken is producing. It's called Manure, and its about competing Fertilizer salesmen in Kansas in the early 60's. So it's a romance. Anyway, its where Tea Leoni hooked up with Billy Bob Thornton, so maybe it's porn. Whatever.


"Just one moment while I change into something more comfortable".

The Miracle workers smile and look at one another. She runs past a room in the back. Four other miracle workers are gagged and tied up.

Rosemary climbs out the rear bedroom window and runs.

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Willym said...

Sounds like Oscar material to me!