Tuesday, August 5, 2008

president bimbo

Love her or hate her (and I do both), you gotta admit that the entire concept of free society revolves around Paris Hilton. So why shouldn't we have Paris as President? Could she be worse than Dubya? Could anyone? Ok, so they answer the phone at the Hilton in Paris with the disclaimer "We are not a tramp". Look at the outfits Peaches wears in public. I'm just sayin'. Really.

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Besides, she's so much better than that old guy. Hotness for President! From funny or die.


Willym said...

Funny-sad????? Paris Hilton is making more sense on an energy Policy than either candidate - yeah I know someone wrote it for her but then someone wrote everything GWB said too!

Love the "when beer was sold in buckets"

Doralong said...

End of days I tell you..

TankMontreal said...

Will we ever really know for sure if she's just been taking us all for a long ride on her bimbo-mobile?