Saturday, August 9, 2008

leave the cat alone

All over the news this week has been the story of Powder the Kitty. Poor Powder became homeless when his owner lost her home in foreclosure (thanks, Republicans) and ended up in an animal shelter in New Jersey. His foster mother reports that he is a very sweet and affectionate cat.

But that's not what caught the headlines. Powder is famous because of his weight. He tips the scales at forty four pounds, which is a lot of cat. I think he's a fine fellow with a very dignified look and seems to be handling all of the unwanted attention pretty darn well, only the occasional meow to indicate that he's a bit weary of being pimped. But good soul that he is, he tolerates the attention.

What has me really pissed off is the way the poor kitty has been harassed over his size- the same weight bias that usually persecutes overweight teenage girls in high school has been focused on the homeless cat. By far the meanest report manageable was filed by total dick Shepard Smith of Fox News, offical mouthpiece of the Evil Empire. Watch this awful report where he berates the poor cat for its size.

He is mocked repeatedly through the report, saying he was found "likely eating a small child", is "the size of a Volvo", weights the same as "117 cans of tuna" and stating that "she may be overweight but she has a really great personality".
Obviously he couldn't be bothered to learn the gender of the cat before insulting it.

He closes his report saying "Come get this animal- bring a forklift".

Hey, Shepard, leave the cat alone.

What a dick.

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