Monday, August 11, 2008

new math

As I write, I am just concluding the week of birthday. This year it had a different context, juxtaposed against a background of the showroom closing and the hint of possible unemployment, although I reiterate that I am assured I have a job. So lets focus on one drama at a time.

Again the subject of West Hollywood math is introduced. Here, counting is done thusly: 37, 38, 39, 1000. By this formula, I am a thousand and eight. While that number may not look bad on a car odometer, it is a bit daunting for a personal ad. Not that I'll ever do that, but I digress.

Anyway, despite the good wishes and the week of being taken to dinner and drinks and drinks (that part I liked), I'm just not happy about the thousand and eight part.

So I've decided to lie about my age. I'll tell people I'm a thousand and two.


Doralong said...

You don't look a day over 1002- really!

But as grandpa used to quip about advancing years "Since the alternative would be dead- I'll take another birthday, thanks".

Rich said...

yeah, well West Ho'land is brimming with callow, self centered morons living in little gay disco ball bubbles.
To most of them, the plague years are a boring old guys stories, and nothing more.
We should all be so lucky to reach 1002 gay old years.


Willym said...

I'm really afraid to ask how old I'd be in West Hollywoodese - it would probably break the abacus!

Happy Belated Birthday - and remember being a Daddy ain't all that bad.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, you're just a baby! Just be aggressively, fabulously yourself and those plastic people will wish they could figure out what you have that they don't.

joe said...

WeHo will skew your sense of math as well as your sense of reality. Don't let them get to you. Life is fabulous, and experience/age is a plus. Happy belated birthday. Thanks for your recent comment

citizen of the world said...

Here via Doralong. I just had to come over and check my age and Holy Christ, I'm set to turn 1006 next month. I think I can definitely pass for an even 1000. Right? Right???

(And a very Happy Birthday to you.)